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So it goes.

A Declaration of Love -

This is Meghan and you can find her blog here

Let me tell you a couple of things about this girl. 

  1. She has a horse (that would be the thing she is riding in the above picture) named Sammy who is a gelding comfortable with his femininity. 
  2. When she rides Sammy, she makes him look super easy. 
  3. When she lets me ride Sammy, she makes me look like an idiot, but it’s ok because I tried. 
  4. She makes the best friendship portraits, such as this one:
  5. She says ERMAHGERD more than any human being ever should. 
  6. She has good taste in Chinese food. 
  7. Her dogs are derpy demons. Exhibit A:
  8. She is willing to live with me next year despite being fully aware of my insanity. 
  9. She really loves Supernatural. 
  10. She was my show mom for my first ever show. I came in last. It’s clearly her fault. 
  11. Actually, I hate Meghan. 
  12. I kid. She’s still made of awesomesauce. 
  13. She is kind of spectacularly talented when it comes to art. 
  14. I am able to communicate with her just by referencing things from Tumblr/books/fandoms

To summarize, Meghan (pronounced Meg-in, not Meg-hawn) is basically the most super cool human being ever. She shares her pony and is hilarious and is going to be the best roommate ever. I love her a lot. Like, a lot a lot, and you should too. So go give her some lovin’. 

The world needed to know this. Her face can end wars.

Ok, bye.